Wedding Videography in Tuscany Castello di Casole

Wedding Videography in Tuscany Castello di Casole.

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“It was love at first sight when Meg Scanlon, now a women’s apparel buyer at Ralph Lauren, spotted investment banker Michael McGillen from across the library way back in high school, but it took the introduction of Facebook onto the social scene for sparks to fly in real life.

“We grew up in different suburbs outside of Chicago and both attended the same private Catholic prep school,” says Meg. “One morning, I noticed Michael. He was a year ahead of me so I didn’t know him at the time, but I instantly knew I had to meet him. When Facebook launched for high school students, we each happened to be two of the initial people from our school to join. I took it as a sign and boldly used it as a platform to introduce myself—which was very unusual for my shy high school self.”

They started dating shortly thereafter and continued seeing each other while he was at Georgetown and she was at FIT.”

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