Wedding Video Tuscany Borgo Pignano

Wedding Video Tuscany Borgo Pignano

Elif and Arnold met at a wedding in the south of France in September 2016. Elif was a friend of the groom and Arnold was a friend of the bride. Both decided to come alone, both waited to confirm until the very last minute. Perhaps by chance, or perhaps by fate, they were seated across from each other on the Friday dinner.

After a few glasses of wine and some attempts from Arnold to get attention, they began to chat. They spoke all night until finally, it was time to leave. As a true gentleman, Arnold walked Elif to the bus and then to her hotel.
They met again the following day and were inseparable for the rest of the weekend.

They talked about everything and anything when they were together, looked for each other when they were apart, and made excuses to join the other whenever they could. Almost immediately there was a feeling of familiarity- as if “we had known each other our entire lives, or possibly longer”.

At the time Elif was working with ceramics in Vallauris. When the wedding was over and it was time to leave.  Having been between jobs and deciding to stay in the South of France for a few weeks, Arnold asked Elif if she would like to go for dinner the following weekend. They met that Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Then again the following weekend… and then the next.

It was magic.

By the end of September, after an amazing 3 weeks, it was time for Arnold to return London. Shortly thereafter, Elif decided to visit a friend in London, taking the opportunity to spend most it with Arnold. From then on, Elif and Arnold met every other weekend for a year – from Nice to London, Paris to Florence, Hong Kong to the Philippines… their trips slowly progressed into mini weekend getaways until Arnold asked Elif to move to London.

They had found each other. They were home.

September 2017, Elif moved to London to begin their new life together. Living in the same house was a dream come true. 6 months after moving in together, the night before a surprise weekend to the Highlands of Scotland, Arnold unable to hold his nerve another 24 hours, dropped to one knee in the middle of their kitchen and asked Elif to marry him.

In a complete shock, Elif followed. Both full of tears and laughter, still in their pijamas, right there on the kitchen floor, they got engaged.  Lost in their bubble of love they flew to Scotland the following day, keeping their news private until their return.

Almost immediately they decided they wanted to get married that summer in magical Tuscany where they hope to move one day. They wanted to have a weekend celebration with their closest friends and family surrounded by nature. They wanted to find a home away from home where everyone could stay together, enjoy good food and good wine surrounded by incredible scenery with the people they love. What more is there to life?

September 2018, Elif and Arnold were married.

About Us Elif and Arnold say:
“Photography and videography have the ability to change our perception of what we see in any way the artist chooses which in turn forms our memories. Elif and Arnold wanted someone to show their true nature and capture everything as is but still with a very professional and high-end result. Stef and Marco did exactly that.

“They took the best version of our memories our imagination could come up with (the ones that we don’t dare think are true in worry of being too vain) and magically put it on film.

They sent Elif and Arnold an extensive questionnaire and upon arrival at the venue asked a few questions, getting to know them as a couple and observing everything and everyone. They captured this special day in the most magnificent way. Their style and technique is unsurpassed and adapts to every couple specifically which is what makes them so special and talented. Being able to do this is extremely rare, and is truly an art.

After searching high and low, Elif and Arnold found the perfect couple to tell their story.”


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