Wedding Video in Tuscany at La Bandita Val D’Orcia

Wedding Video in Tuscany at La Bandita Val D’Orcia.

Howard and Kathy met in Washington, D.C, through a mutual friend in 2014 during the World Cup Games. Howard had plans to move to New York, but this didn’t stop them from making trips to London, California, NY, and adventures around Washington D.C together. Two years in, they introduced their newest addition to the family- Lanai, a sweet Tibetan terrier puppy that would make them a family of three.

In 2016, Howard proposed to Kathy in Kyoto, Japan, at a beautiful waterfall near the Izomodai Jingu temple in Kameoka before meeting Kathy’s grandmothers in Guangzhou, China, soon after they moved to their new home in Seattle, Washington.

The bride always dreamed of getting married in Tuscany in the Val D’ Orcia region. It was a dream come true on September 3, 2017, for Kathy and Howard. The bride Kathy selected three gorgeous dresses – one for the ceremony that was custom designed in Spain, a qi-pao (Chinese dress) made in a traditional boutique in China, and her reception dress by Louvienne from Washington D.C’s Georgetown Lovely Bride.

She wore Jimmy Choo white lace toe pumps that matched all three dresses. Her mother’s vintage pearl earrings, the 10 diamond Rose Gold Cartier LOVE bracelet to match her Cartier Rose Gold Wedding Band, and LOVE necklace.


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