Love in Puglia: A Three-Day Wedding Celebration for Mackenzie and Tim at Masseria Calderisi

Love in Puglia: A Three-Day Wedding Celebration for Mackenzie and Tim at Masseria Calderisi.

We had the pleasure of working as official videographers for Mackenzie and Tim’s wedding, which took place at Masseria Calderisi in Puglia, Italy. The event lasted for three days, and the couple traveled from the United States to celebrate their love in this beautiful location.

Throughout the three-day event, various street artists and live bands took turns performing, and there were games, dances, and exotic and traditional Puglian dinners. The approximately 170 guests were mostly young, and all looked incredibly elegant.

The first evening featured a BBQ with local specialties, and musicians played the traditional Pizzica, a lively dance that got all the guests up and moving.

On the second day, there was a bocce tournament in which everyone participated, along with a pool party and fantastic pizzas and gin tonics of every type served poolside. The day ended with a Puglian dinner and a live performance by some of the couple’s friends.

Finally, on the last day, Mackenzie and Tim exchanged vows in the midst of centuries-old olive trees. The whole experience was very emotional and fun, especially since Mackenzie and Tim are a authentic tornado of energy.

It was an unforgettable wedding experience in Puglia that genuinely celebrated the couple’s love in a magical way. We feel honored to have been a part of it as their trusted videographer.


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